Am I covered if I am not driving and my vehicle breaks down?

The vehicle registered on the policy would be covered, as this is vehicle-based cover instead of personal. 



Are there different levels of cover?

Yes, as below

  • Level 1 - UK Roadside Assistance & Nationwide Recovery
  • Level 2 - UK Roadside Assistance, Nationwide Recovery & At Home
  • Level 3 - UK Roadside Assistance, Nationwide Recovery, At Home & Onward Travel
  • Level 4 - Full UK Cover + European Breakdown
Can I add other vehicles to my policy?

You can purchase multiple car policy upon initial sign up, to a maximum of 4 vehicles. Additional vehicles cannot be added mid policy, but you can purchase a separate policy at your required level.

Can I cover my Motorbike, Van or Taxi?

Motorbikes are covered but Mopeds are not. Vans that are not utilised for commercial use and do not have any signage, are covered within the size specifications of 3.5 tones weight, 6.4 metres long (including tow bar) and 2.55 metres wide. Unfortunately, Taxis and all other commercial vehicles can't be covered.

Are motorhomes covered?

Yes, motorhomes are covered within the size specifications of 3.5 tones weight, 6.4 metres long (including tow bar) and 2.55 metres wide.

When will my membership start?

This will start on your chosen commence date, however it can take up to 48 hours for the validation/set up period to be fully activated by the RAC.

Will I receive a membership pack and card in the post?

A membership card will not be posted, as Vehicle Benefits are adopting a green scheme so all welcome packs are sent out electronically, which provides a more cost effective, environmentally friendly, electronic customer communication with all overhead savings passed on. If breakdown occurs, you need to quote Vehicle Benefits and your vehicle registration to the breakdown number 0330 159 0953

What is included in my email communication when I join the scheme?

Confirmation of when your cover starts, detailing registration, make and model, along with the following attachments: 

1) Instruction Leaflet explaining how to use the services, 2) RAC Service Description, 3) Terms and Conditions, 4) Information document regarding RAC cover through Vehicle Benefits,

In the UK will it always be an RAC patrol that attends my breakdown?

In the majority of cases yes, but occasionally the RAC will subcontract depending on time of day and incident volumes.

How quickly will breakdown assistance be received?

The RAC aim to attend breakdowns within 40 mins of receiving your call.

Does European cover span Euro Zones 1 and 2?

Yes, please refer to the RAC Service Description provided in your welcome pack.

I am already an RAC member, can I transfer it over to this scheme?

No, this is a separate scheme. Your existing RAC membership must expire or be terminated by yourself.

In the event of breakdown who do I call?

RAC Breakdown line - 0330 159 0953. Please refer to information provided in your welcome communication.  You will need to quote your registration and Vehicle Benefits.

What happens if I change my vehicle?

You can login online and change your vehicle – this can take up to 48 hrs for the RAC to validate and activate cover.  Please note that only one change is permitted within any rolling 12-month period. 

Important note: Failure to alter vehicle registrations online yourself or alternatively advise in writing of a change in vehicle, will result in the RAC denying assistance since the vehicle will not be recognised on their records.

Since this cover is vehicle specific, we would always prompt you to update your records online but you can still notify us by emailing with the old registration number/make & model and the new registration number/make & model, noting that only one change is permitted within any rolling 12 month period. There is a 48-hour upload and validation period for your new vehicle to be covered. 

Am I covered if I am towing a caravan or trailer?

The caravan or trailer will be recovered together with the Vehicle to a single destination as long as the maximum length of the trailer or caravan including the towbar complies with the size specifications: 

3.5 tones weight, 6.4 metres long (including tow bar) and 2.55 metres wide – including towbar if applicable

Will there be any cost if my vehicle requires work and new parts to be fitted?

Yes, the cost of the breakdown cover does not include a parts allowance, therefore any subsequent work carried out will need to be paid directly by yourself. 

If I have chosen European Multi Trip cover is there a limit on how many times I can drive to Europe?

There is no limit on the number of times you use the vehicle in Europe however there is a cap on the number of days the vehicle is covered when in Europe, this is a maximum of 90 days per trip (If the vehicle was there for 91 days it would not be covered on day 91).

If overnight accommodation is required with Onward Travel Cover, what happens the next day?

Overnight accommodation (not including meals and drinks) is the last option if the RAC were unable to recover the vehicle at the time of the breakdown or be able to provide a replacement vehicle. If this does happen the RAC would store the vehicle locally to the breakdown location/hotel and then take the vehicle to the garage the following day with you if you chose to travel with the vehicle. This level includes either overnight accommodation for up to 2 nights or 2 days hire vehicle, further costs post this period would need to be paid by the client.

What happens if I have an accident?

Accident damage is not covered under the policy as this is not breakdown related. 

Is there a limit on how many call outs I can have in the 12 months membership?

No, there is no limit per vehicle, but the RAC will only attend 1 call out per specific fault (ie: they will not attend if 4 call out for the same issue etc).

Are tyres and key replacement included in my cover?

The RAC will not cover the cost for the replacement but they will arrange for a tyre replacement/repair at a local garage or a key replacement at a local locksmith.  Costs to be paid by policy holder.

Is there an age limit?

This cover is vehicle based and maximum age is 20 years.  There is no age limit for the driver as this is vehicle based.

Is repatriation included in the European cover?

Repatriation is covered if the amount is lower than the value of the vehicle; if higher than the car value it won’t be covered.  The max repatriation amount they will cover is £2,500.  In situations where repatriation is lower than the value of the vehicle, but repatriation cost exceeds £2,500, the client will need to pay the additional amount.   

My cover has been arranged by my employer and I need to make an amendment, how do I do this?

Any amendments to your cover if you are on a salary scheme payment you need to address to your employer or Employee Benefit provider.

Failure to provide the correct vehicle details to Vehicle Benefits may result in service refusal by the RAC and an additional charge at call out.

I have bought a new car which already has cover, can I cancel this cover and get a part refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel the cover if purchased as a 12-month period – you can however alter your registration to cover a friend or family member for the remaining cover time.

I’ve changed my mind - I’ve just taken cover but now want to cancel this. What do I do?

There is a 14-day cooling off period from your cover payment date, where you can cancel or amend the policy (excluding a vehicle change) upon your request.  This type of request must be sent to Vehicle Benefits in writing to

Post the 14-day cooling off period no cancellation can be processed.

Can I change my policy level mid-year?

No, unless you are still within your 14-day cooling off period. 

Can I add European short-term cover to my existing package?

We can only provide European cover for a full 12-month period, but the RAC may be able to assist with short term European assistance for an additional charge.  Please contact the RAC Travel Sales team on 0800 550 055 for assistance. 

What will happen if I haven't updated my policy with new vehicle details?

It is your responsibility to update your policy online or advise Vehicle Benefits in writing to

Failure to provide the correct vehicle details may result in service refusal by the RAC and an additional charge at call out.